Scriptit is a software development consultancy for SME projects, website rework and graphic design.

Services include:
• bespoke applications
• custom web forms and form processing
• database interaction
• workflow automation
• legacy system interfacing/migration
• dynamic document generation
• change implementation
• bugfixes and maintenance
• device drivers
• embedded firmware and low-level coding
• general programming
– the tricky stuff – all affordable and pay-as-you-go.
Also, graphic artwork for branding and web presence, and classy photography for special appeal.

Scriptit is not a Web design agency per se – those are plentiful – we probe under the bonnet and implement technical solutions to requirements.
Therefore we do not make routine content changes for websites.

It is run by me, Raymond Luckhurst, a programmer with many years industrial experience.
I am also an applied musician – see here.
Artwork is carried out by David Hixon, a Graphic Design professional and award-winning photographer.

Software Development

Raymond Luckhurst I have a broad range of programming experience gained in leading blue chip companies, including:

Local & National: website development, web form processing, custom CMS modules • UBS Bank: Risk Management Pricing GUI components • Sony: Media Asset Management GUI, video transform drivers • Sky: Sky Text Management Console GUI • Press Association: Digital Teletext Content Editor GUI • Nortel: Fixed Wireless automation scripting • NEC: GSM Lower Layer 1 & kernel scheduler firmware • Schneider Electric (Westinghouse Systems): SCADA & telemetry drivers, simulators & firmware • Other: multimedia projects, record label support, custom programming, automotive electronics

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• LAMP stack
• HTML5, CSS, responsive UI/UX
• all main Web technologies
• templating: {{mustache}}, {less}, {smarty} etc.
• *nix shell scripts
• batch automation
• database interaction
• dynamic PDFs & PostScript
• audio/video/image multimedia processing


• cross-platform client-side apps
• *nix server-side components
• XML APIs & schema systems
• middleware
• lexers & parsers
• device drivers
• embedded systems
• legacy software interfacing
• mainstream technologies (except .NET/C#)


• telecomms low-layer transport
• telemetry low-level programming
• automotive electronics
• scheduler & assembly core coding
• microcontroller projects
• microprocessing
• hardware & transducer interfacing
• codecs
• data packet protocols

Design & Photography

David Hixon David Hixon is a gifted artist with an eye for the unusual. He qualified in Graphic Design at Plymouth, designing innovative graphics, logo and branding ideas and concepts for local firms. His passion for photography evolved simultaneously, his work appearing in prestigious journals and is now admired worldwide. He has also scored exceptionally well in national and international photography competitions, specialising in landscapes and seascapes, in colour, monochrome and long exposure motion blur effects.

David supplies graphics for Scriptit as required, and all the artwork on this website is his work. His prolific portfolio falls into two areas: graphic design and fine art minimalist photography, trading independently as CanDu Design and Picture Devon respectively:

CanDu Design (graphics) Picture Devon (photography)

Here are David’s portfolio and testimonial networking links:

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